Souq Sharq is host to several department stores and retail shops including shops for male and female fashion clothing, jewelry, perfumes and cosmetics, in addition to kids' fashion items, kids' toys and entertainment areas for kids.

Souq Sharq also hosts a wide selection of international boutiques and brands, located on both ground floor and first floor, and offering different items from shoes, glasses, electronics and electrical appliances, to accessories, pharmaceuticals and many other articles.

Visit Souq Sharq to enjoy the latest fashion collections and trends as well as the latest models from the finest brands arriving from the four corners of the world.

Tour the exciting shops distinguished by their diversity. You will always find what satisfies every shopper's needs, through an offering of a highly diversified assortment of international brands and luxurious boutiques. This adds to the fabulous opportunities to discover and enjoy the shopping experience which Kuwait has to offer.

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